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Our People

Kirk James Lang

Kirk has been in the security industry for 12 years. He has a Diploma in Security and Risk Management and a Diploma in Business Administration. His integrity and professionalism is the cornerstone of how he approaches his business and private dealing with people at all levels.

Eddie Alzier, CPP
Governance, Risk, Quality and Training

Eddie is a (Life Long Member, CPP), Certified Protection Professional and has delivered lectures in Security Management, Security Science, Physical Security, Risk Management, Facility Management and Aviation Security Management in major Universities -in Australia, the Middle East and Singapore.

He worked as a Senior Security Consultant and held senior security positions with major National and International organisation. He is an experienced security practitioner and skilled in the development and operation of corporate security functions, including maritime and aviation security.

Eddie Holds the following qualifications:
• Master in Risk and Security Management
• Business Degree – HR and IR
• Graduate Diploma in Security Science
• Diploma Asset Protection
• Diploma Facility Management
• Diploma Maritime studies

Peter Lang
Business Development and Marketing

Peter is the driving force for KTP Security sales and customer relationships. He has had some 38 years involvement in manpower, electronic and physical security in Australia. Peter served 12 years in the Victoria Police Force where he performed duties in a number of specialist squads including the Special Operations Group (SOG) and the Forensic Science Division. He completed his career as an instructor at the Victoria Police Academy.

Upon leaving the Police Department Peter has held a number of senior positions with major security companies in Australia. His experience extends to Senior Executive level in Manpower Operations, Physical Security Products including Electronic Security and CCTV

Peter consults to various State and Federal Government Departments and works with the various Anti-terrorism organizations as part on his responsibilities at KTP Security.